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Pact Coffee (The Subscription Box Series)

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

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I was running low on coffee and rather than buying another pack of the usual one I thought I'd try something a bit different. I like subscription boxes, that's no secret, so I started searching for options. I found two which ticked the right boxes: Pact Coffee (the first one to arrive) and Rave Coffee.

Pact Coffee does Direct Trade with the farms so you won't see Rainforest Alliance Certified or Fairtrade on any of their products. They claim to pay on average 55% more than Fairtrade rates which I think sounds fantastic.

If you order from Pact, when you create your coffee plan you have a few options to choose from according to your personal needs:

  1. Coffee type: 250g bags or box of 40 pods.

  2. Grind size (if you're choosing coffee beans rather than pods): Wholebean, Fine, Medium-Fine, Medium or Coarse

  3. Coffee Range: House - Same coffee every delivery, Select - single origins coffee or Micro-lot - rare, high-scoring coffees. Each range has its price.

  4. Choose your first coffee out of 3 available options if you go for the Select range; the other two only have one available.

  5. Delivery Frequency: (this one is my favourite): you can choose exactly how often you want to receive the coffee: it can be anything from every day to every 60 days. After the first one was sent you can reschedule, delay or pause your plan so you get a lot of freedom.

My first order arrived after 2 days. I went for the Select range and chose the Bourbon Cream Espresso and as you can imagine I tried it within 5 minutes of its arrival. I honestly like it. It's a dark roast, surprisingly mild and, as it claims, it has a bit of sweet biscuity aftertaste. So far I'm happy and I am tempted to change the date for my next delivery just because I'm curious about the next one. The delivery was quick, the coffee is great

Pact Coffee Bourbon Cream Espresso

If you've already tried any coffee from Pact, please let me know what you think of it, in the comments below.

If you want more information, check out Pact's website.

I hope life treats you well.

Take care

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