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Cardhu Gold Reserve - (Whisky Review)

Updated: Apr 15

Cardhu Cold Reserve Bottle

Time for another dram!

I'm always looking for new or exciting whiskies to try, and Cardhu Gold Reserve recently caught my attention with its interesting bottle and appealing colour.

It is a Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky, and since I'm a fan of the Speyside Region and all the delicious whiskies it produces, such as the Tamnavulin and Glen Moray, I thought I had to give it a try.

Cardhu Gold Reserve Bottle and Box

A bit about

Cardhu Distillery started the journey in 1824 in Morayshire. Whiskies produced by them have been used in the Johnny Walker blends since 1893, so if you're a fan of Johnny Walker, you might find Cardhu tasting somewhat familiar.

Toasted oak casks are used in the making of this mellow whisky which has 40% abv and a delightful colour.

When it comes to awards, in 2017, it won Silver at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Silver at the International Spirits Challenge.

Time to try it

Dram of Cardhu Gold Reserve

With quite a lot of toffee and apple notes, it is surprisingly sweet, with a short-ish finish and a lot of honey on the nose. Past all the fruitiness, a very vague hint of smokiness seems to exist (or maybe it's just my imagination, who knows?)

I prefer it neat, but adding a drop of water or an ice cube has opened it a bit bringing out the cinnamon and pear notes.


Cardhu Gold Reserve is mellow, very easy to drink, and definitely on the sweet side, so if you're looking for a robust or full-bodied whisky, this is definitely not it.

In the UK you can find it either in-store or online for around £40 (Nov 2022).

Every once in a while you might be lucky like I was and find it on offer for nearly half the price, at around £25.

cardhu gold reserve whisky

Whether full price or not, it is the type of whisky I would like to always have in the house. It might be a bit too mellow for some whisky enthusiasts, with a less complex flavour profile, but for me, it's an enjoyable dram, spot-on for any season.

I like the packaging - nice looking bottle and box and I think it would be suitable as a gift for anyone who appreciates a nice dram, especially if they like single malts.

cardhu gold reserve whisky

If you've ever tried the Cardhu Gold Reserve, please let me know in the comments below what you think of it, or, if you find this post useful or entertaining, please click on the little heart below, nothing bizarre will happen, but it will make my day a bit brighter.

As always, please drink responsibly.

I hope life is treating you well.

Take care

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