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Wine 52 Review

wine 52 box contents

Wine 52 Review

I tried Beer 52, now it was time for the wine subscription version.

If you join this UK Wine Club you can have 3, 4 or 6 bottles of wine plus two snacks and Glug magazine delivered monthly. Price starts from £36 for the 3-bottle version and includes delivery.

wine 52 box

I had to choose between white or red wines only or a mixed case. I chose the mixed case and same as with the beer version, the package arrived the next day. Payment is taken every 28 days but if you don't want the wines monthly you can have them sent every 2 or every 3 months. If you choose to cancel you need to call them before the next box's delivery, you cannot cancel online.

wine 52 june box

My delivery contained a 2019 Viognier Marsanne Grenache Blanc, an Organic Airen Verdejo/Sauvignon Blanc and a Meridiano Appasito Rosso from the 'Wines of the World' category. So far I have tried the Viognier during the summer heatwave and the Meridiano on the rainy days that followed. The Meridiano was on the sweet side and the Viognier was perfectly crisp. I've enjoyed both but I can't say that they became favourites of mine.

Would I recommend Wine 52?

The box arrived quickly and managing stuff in the online account is easy. You can rate the wines and receive points which you can spend in the shop. I think you also receive points for every delivery you receive and I think that's a bonus compared to other types of subscription boxes.

The wines themselves were good. The ones I received haven't been mind-blowing, but then again, for the price, I wouldn't really expect them to be.

I like both red and white wine so the mixed box is a good fit for me, but if you enjoy one of them more than the other you do have to option to choose just that type.

Have you ever tried them? What's your experience with them? Please let me know in the comments below.

I hope life treats you well.

Take care.

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