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Beer 52 Review

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

siren craf beers beer 52

Beer 52 Review

Beer 52 is a UK Craft Beer Club which has been around since 2013.

If you join them, you have the option of 8, 10 or 12 beers in the case, delivered monthly all including 2 snacks and Ferment magazine, which offers you, amongst other things, the tasting notes for the beers you have received. Price starts from £27 for the 8-case version and all include delivery.

I'm a fan of subscription boxes, so it was only natural I try what Beer 52 has to offer.

I stumbled upon an offer for a free box if I paid postage so I took advantage.

I had the option of a case of 8 Light beers or Mixed light and dark beers and I chose the latter.

The order showed up the next day, way faster than any other subscription box I have ordered previously and it contained 8 beers, 2 snacks and a magazine. This month's box was called 'Siren's 10th Birthday' and contained a good mix of pale ales, bitter and dark ales from Siren Brewery.

beer 52 box contents

If you let them know in advance you can switch to the other option (between light beers and the mixed case). Payment is taken every 28 days but you can also opt for delivery every 2 or 3 months and, if needed, you can pause it as well. You can also rate the items received and earn points which can then spend in the shop. Some changes can be done online, through your account, for others, such as cancelling, you need to give them a call.

So far I've tried about half of the beers received and I really liked the Black IPA and the Hazy Pale Ale. I usually prefer lighter beers or some specific dark ones but it is nice to have the option to try so many different ones.

Would I recommend Beer 52?

When it comes to the technical side I can't fault them as the package was at my door literally the next day and managing your account online is super easy.

When it comes to the contents of the box it is obviously a matter of personal taste. If you are a big fan of craft beers and want to sample a variety of them, then yes, definitely. If you like mainly Lager, then Beer 52 will probably not be a good fit for you.

I have seen a few reviews on some websites saying it was very difficult to get through to anyone over the phone, it took me literally 7 minutes to sort out everything with them.

Have you ever tried them? What's your experience with them? Please let me know in the comments below.

I hope life treats you well.

Take care.

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