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Things to do in Scarborough (UK)

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

From Seoul to Scarborough

I came back from a wonderful trip to South Korea and after a few weeks of work, gigs and generally getting back to normal, I had to go back to my usual place for a short break: Scarborough.

I discovered this lovely town on the English North Sea coast quite a few years ago and I've been back at least twice every year, if not more. As much as I enjoy discovering new places, and new cultures and going on exciting adventures, I also like having that one place you can always go back to, where you always have a good time and you feel like you've recharged your batteries.

Scarborough South Bay

With Scarborough Castle dividing its two large bays, this lovely town full of history has a lot to offer, especially for someone like me, craving the seaside most days and curious about British history.

When I was going through a bit of a weird time in my life, I used to hop on the train, listen to an audiobook for the nearly three hours the journey took and then feast my eyes on the relaxing views of the North Bay. Being away from the day-to-day every now and again helped me take a step back and have a clearer view of what was happening in my life. It's very easy to get caught up in a routine and sometimes it can seem like you can't escape it. If you break the pattern you might gain a different perspective on the situation.

Scarborough's North Bay offered me the calm I needed to put my chaotic and confused thoughts in some sort of order.

View from Scarborough Castle

If I'd ever feel I had too much peace and quiet roaming around the Japanase-themed Peasholm Park or didn't feel like taking a trip to Sea Life Centre in the North Bay, I would pay a visit to the South Bay with its multitude of arcades, cafes, restaurants and sandy beaches.

If you're interested in geology, the Rotunda Museum, being one of the oldest purpose-built museums, has quite a few interesting things to offer. From pretty much anywhere on the south beach you can see The Grand Hotel Scarborough, which when it opened in 1867, was the largest hotel in Europe.

The Grand Hotel Scarborough view from the beach

I have a few favourite places I always go to whenever I'm there but there are also new areas to discover with each occasion. If I just want to relax, I always prefer smaller towns rather than big seaside resorts. You might be less spoilt for choice when it comes to attractions or activities when you go to smaller places but there are only so many things you can do in a two-day relaxing trip anyway.

view from St Nicholas Cafe Scarborough

Luckily for me, Scarborough is reasonably close to home so It's not too much hassle to get there

It's a good place for families to go as well, not just for people like me looking to escape for a few days. Scarborough Castle, Sea Life Centre and all the activities you can find both in North and South Bay should be enough to choose from, no matter the age or reason for being there.

Have you ever been to Scarborough?

I hope life is treating you well.

Take care

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