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Subway Circus

Alive & Set me free


Band practice in Lockdown is not an easy task. We're used to playing at quite loud levels in a soundproof home studio and we're used to create and improve our music then and there, together (we might be a bit spoilt, I know). It's a wonderful feeling to have the right people to make music with. When you all seem to have similar or complementing ideas on how to shape a song, it's like a dream come true. You walk in with an idea and you come out half an hour later with a brand new song. From that perspective I can't ask for more. Of course it doesn't happen all the time and we also have a few songs we've been working on for months and were still not happy with them, I'm not going to pretend everything is perfect, but it does happen every once in a while that everything alligns just right.

As I am writing this, the band still can't meet up due to lockdown rules so we've tried in our own way to keep the music going. I've received some form of recorded instrumentals and I'm trying to make them work although I have a mini nervous breakdown everytime technology refuses to cooperate (or I perhaps demand too much of it). 

Alive is one of my favorite songs of ours. It was written at least a year and a half ago and we've played it at a few gigs already but I can't seem to find a decent recording of it, so for the time being, this is the best we could do for it.

Set me free is work in progress. We've worked on it a few weeks before lockdown began and I've recently received a version of an instrumental. It might turn into a song, it might not, we'll see better when the rules allow. I've written two sets of lyrics for it, so next time you hear it, it might sound quite different (I have a feeling that after a few sessions, all that's left of it will be its spirit).


I can't wait for things to go back to some form of normality so we can continue making music the same way we have for the last few years.

I have bits of lyrics written on my phone, in a word document somewhere, on bits of paper and in a diary, if I pay attention, I might find some scribbled on a table somewhere. I'm ready. I've been told my bandmates are in a similar state, so yeah, we're ready for this wherever time comes. 

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