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My Créa' Boutique (Handmade Wool Creations)

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

My Créa' Boutique by Celine offers personalised, handmade, wool creations. Whether you want a cute decoration for the nursery, something nice and homely to display in the living room or a personalised gift for your friends, this little business might offer exactly what you've been looking for.

I struggle most of the times to find interesting ideas for gifts, I really like handmade decorations and I like seeing people start their own business based on something they truly love to do. I think there should be more support generally for people to do what makes them happy rather than throwing all your money at big companies who pay their staff crumbs out of all the money they take, just saying...

If you're the type of person who has the best ideas for the perfect gifts for your friends and family, I honestly congratulate you, I don't know how you do it. You're a legend, keep up the good work, the rest of us could use some guidance from time to time. If you're like me, or just a bit indecisive, next time you're not entirely sure what gifts you would like to get, maybe give My Créa' Boutique a try.

Before ordering any present I had to try it for myself and I am more than happy with the result. Rest assured you will see this lovely decoration from now on throughout the posts of this website/blog.

LifeofAndra wool Creation by My Crea Boutique

If you head over to the Instagram page you can find some more examples of what Celine can create using only soft wool and aluminium wire (to keep everything standing).

Everything is made to order so if you're looking for unique gifts, you're in the right place. You can choose the color of the wool for pretty much whatever design you have in mind. You can opt for any word, name, sentence, animals, rainbows, flowers, unicorns and the list goes on.

I don't know how clear it is from the pictures, but most of them (apart from mine which is a bit different) are about the size of an A4 paper, so let's say somewhere around 20X30cm. The creations I've seen so far look absolutely adorable and they would definitely brighten up any room.

Prices start from :

  • £10 plus postage for any word/name with 4 letters or less

  • £15 plus postage for any word/name with 5 letters or more or any design

  • £20 plus postage for a design personalised with a name/word

Orders take between 1 and 3 days depending on what type of design you have chosen and please allow 2-3 days for delivery (from what I know it's UK delivery only right now)

For any questions please don't hesitate to contact My Créa' Boutique on Instagram, Facebook or email at

P.S. I got this cute little ornament for Christmas!

Handmade Christmas Tree ornament

I hope life is treating you well.

Take care

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